Land Records

The Land Records Division is designed for the public to do their own research. Our staff will assist in getting you started.

Land Transfer Reports
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Document Requirements

All Documents presented for recording at the Land Records Division must be signed and notarized original documents, no faxed copies. Please note that e-recording is also available.

This Court requires a Virginia Land Record Cover Sheet for land record recordings. 
To calculate recording costs, please visit the Virginia Supreme Court deed calculator.

Please note when recording a plat by itself (meaning without being attached to a deed or instrument), all land owners referenced in the plat must complete a Plat Affidavit in PDF or Plat Affidavit in Word. All owners signatures must be notarized, or can be sworn by a deputy clerk here in the office. Plats recorded without a deed, or any other instrument, do not require a land record cover sheet.

Forms for Certificates of Satisfaction, Certificates of Partial Satisfaction, Certificates of Transfer, Releases of Mechanics' Lien and Releases of Lis Pendens are available at the Land Records Office or they may be downloaded from the link to the Virginia Judicial System website.

Free Access to Public Index
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Internet Access to Circuit Court Land Records/Documents

If you would like to receive internet access to the Circuit Court land records/documents, you may apply by filling out the following: Application for Internet Access to Records Management System. 
**Please note that this is an ANNUAL AGREEMENT with a yearly term. The term commences on the date executed and ends 12 months later. The fee for this Annual Agreement is $550.00 per user if paid at the time of execution, in one, lump sum. If paid on a monthly basis, the fee for this annual agreement is $600.00 per user.** 
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Obtaining Copies of Land Records

You may obtain copies of Land Records at the Circuit Court Clerks Office from Deed Books or Digital Images. You may also order certified copies through ClerkePass.


Fees for copies are:

  • $0.50 per page
  • $2.00 per certification
  • $2.00 for over-sized plat map copies