Part-Time Benefits

  • CREDIT UNIONS - King George County is a member of the Virginia Credit Union, with offices located in Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia, Topside Federal Credit Union with offices in King George and Fredericksburg, Virginia, and In-First Federal Credit Union.
  • PROBATIONARY PERIOD - All employees shall serve a one (1) year probationary period effective with the hire date.
  • PAY SCHEDULE - Employees are paid biweekly and payday is on Friday. Direct Deposit is available for all King George County employees.
  • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - The County provides confidential crisis counseling and referral services relative to personal, financial or other matters which may adversely impact an employee's well being and work performance.
  • YMCA - All employees may receive a 15% discount on gym membership at the King George County YMCA location through payroll deduction.