Workforce Training & Universities

Institutions of Higher Education

Community Colleges

Rappahannock Community College and Germanna Community College offer continuing education and associate degrees in a variety of programs and disciplines. In addition, both colleges offer workforce development training and programs for existing and new businesses located in the county.

Colleges & Universities

The University of Mary Washington, located in Fredericksburg (18 miles), offers both undergraduate and graduate studies. In January 2012, the University of Mary Washington opened a new campus in Dahlgren. The University of Mary Washington-Dahlgren Campus, Center for Education and Research, is designed to support the continuing educational and professional development of the region's engineers, scientists, and administrative professionals. It is expected that the university's presence will facilitate the establishment of a viable research presence and contribute to long-term regional economic growth and development. Currently, Old Dominion University, Virginia Tech University, and George Mason University offer telecourses and distance learning opportunities at the new Dahlgren Campus.

Vocational / Workforce Training

King George Public Schools, working with Rappahannock Community College, provides a vocational education curriculum for high school students geared to meet the needs of the business base. The department of economic development and tourism can help facilitate training programs with either community college to assist in the development of training or retraining of existing and new hires.