Religious Celebrant Authorization

It is required that the Clerk grants or denies a Petition authorizing a Religious Celebrant to perform marriages.

Required items to complete and file:

  1. Petition (PDF)
  2. Proof of Ordination 
  3. Order (PDF)
  4. Filing Fee $52.00

**Note: Online Ordinations may not be recognized in Virginia.

Please note that this is not legal advice or representation. Any questions regarding the Religious Celebrant process, forms, and their completion, should be directed to an attorney. The Clerk's Office is prohibited from providing legal advice pursuant to Virginia Code Section 19.2-392.2.

*Payment of filing and copy fees may be made by cash, personal check, certified check, money order, or VISA/MASTERCARD. Please make check payable to Clerk Circuit Court. The service fee for using credit cards will be 3%.