Grand Jury

"Regular Grand Jury" service is both an obligation and a privilege. It is also an interesting experience that provides you an opportunity to learn more about our system of justice. While Grand Jury duty may require you to adjust your normal schedule, our goal is that any inconvenience will be minimal and that you will enjoy the opportunity to see the King George Circuit Court in action.

The following information supplements the Handbook for Virginia Grand Jurors and specifically addresses Regular Grand Jury service in the King George Circuit Court.

Annual List of Grand Jurors

Each year, the Circuit Court Judges select at least 60 persons and not more than 120 persons, who meet the qualifications set out in the Virginia Code, to serve as grand jurors. The citizens selected will be "on-call" for grand jury service during the twelve-month period beginning August 1. A list of those selected is furnished to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. (Virginia Code Annotated, §19.2-194)

Number & Qualifications of Regular Grand Jurors

A Regular Grand Jury consists of not less than five nor more than seven persons who are selected from the annual grand jury list. Regular grand jurors are summoned by the Sheriff, as ordered by the Court, to appear at the next term of Court at which a Regular Grand Jury is required. Each regular grand juror shall be: (Virginia Code Annotated, §19.2-195 ):

  • Eighteen years of age or over
  • A citizen of the Commonwealth
  • A resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia for one year
  • A resident of the City of King George for six months
  • Honest, intelligent, of good demeanor and suitable in all other respects to serve as a grand juror (Virginia Code Annotated, §19.2-194 )

When is a Regular Grand Jury Convened?

The King George Circuit Court convenes a Regular Grand Jury on the 2nd Thursday of January, April, July, and October.

Days of Service

Grand Jury service typically entails only one day, the date on which you are summoned to appear.


The Juror´s parking area is located behind the Courthouse.

Security Check

You will pass through a security check when entering the Courthouse. Sheriff´s deputies check for items, such as weapons, chemical agents, or pocket knives. Please leave these items in your car to prevent delays. Assist the Sheriff´s deputies by removing change or other metallic objects from your pockets. Cell phones are not permitted.


Each juror must bring a valid identification with a picture or sign a sworn affidavit as to their identity.


Jurors receive $30 per day for each day they are required to report for jury service, which covers expenses of travel incident to jury service and other necessary and reasonable costs as the court may direct. (Virginia Code Annotated, §17.1-618 )


You should wear comfortable but appropriate attire. Shorts, halter tops and hats are not to be worn in courtroom. For your comfort, be prepared for heating and air conditioning fluctuations in the court rooms and jury rooms.

Persons With a Disability

Access to jury service is available to individuals with a disability as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have a disability and need accommodation, please telephone the Clerk at 540-775-3322.


Smoking in the Courthouse is prohibited.