If you are seeking a divorce we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of legal counsel; however we understand that it may not always be financially possible for one to do so. Please be advised that this office does not have any forms to provide for the filing of a divorce. We are also legally barred from providing legal advice as to any questions one may have with regard to how to proceed. It is your responsibility, or your attorney’s should you choose to retain one, to compile all documents and follow all legal procedures necessary in this action.

In an effort to assist those that wish to proceed on their own, the following are links from other jurisdictions that provide information and examples to help one understand the process: Loudoun & Fairfax County. These links are for reference only. Please note that the documents referenced in these links are specific to their counties. If divorcing in King George County your pleadings need to be adjusted to reflect King George County. This means that you will likely have to create your own pleadings/documents.

Legal Aid website

Link to blank Civil Coversheet 

Once you have compiled all the necessary documents for your specific situation, our filing fee is $82.00, plus $12.00 for service on the opposing party, if requested. We accept cash, credit/debit, check or money order.